INSPECTRA was created in response to a need in the market to improve, automate and digitalise the quality inspection of 100% of the production within the food industry. At INSPECTRA we design and manufacture machine vision equipment with the latest technologies, selecting the most suitable and adapting them to each client and product. Our equipment offers the highest inspection performance on the market and is easily integrated into production lines and customer management systems.

Our team is made up of technicians with extensive experience and high qualifications in the field of artificial vision, software programming, electronic engineering and mechanical engineering. All of this is applied to the development of machinery for the food industry.

INSPECTRA is a part of Inndeo Engineering

Starting with the INSPECTRA range of inspection equipment, our technical departments work hand in hand with those of our customers to arrive at the best adapted final solutions, and in this way achieve the best inspection performance and proper integration within their production lines.

Mechanical Design

Electronic Design

Software Design


Technical Service


How do we add value?

  • We revolutionise quality inspection performance: by incorporating the latest artificial vision technologies, we achieve high inspection efficiency, detecting contamination, quality deviations, or implementing product classification systems that until recently were not technically possible to resolve.

  • We automate manual quality control and sorting tasks: we reduce the labour costs required to perform quality control and product classification tasks, eliminating subjectivity in inspection criteria.

  • We digitise 100% of production: INSPECTRA equipment inspects 100% of production, digitising all data and facilitating access to its processing and interpretation to optimise the production process, improve supplier control and reduce penalties for end customers.

Why choose us?

Innovative SME label

INNOVACC cluster members

NAGRIFOOD cluster members

Aragón Social Responsibility Seal

Winners at the Meat Attraction 2022 Innovation Hub Awards

Finalists in the Entrepreneur XXI Awards

of La Caixa 2020

INNDEO-INSPECTRA has been additionally recognised as a technology-based company by the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI), receiving a grant from this organisation in the NEOTEC-2018 call for proposals as a member of this technological and business excellence programme.

Where are we?

Our facilities are located in the PLA-ZA industrial estate, C/Bari 57, Puerta 2. 50197. Zaragoza, Spain.

Need help?

Tell us what problem you need to solve and our technical team will contact you as soon as possibleto offer you the most suitable solution.