Excellence in industrial innovation and engineering services

“We are a technological engineering services company focused on boosting industrial SMEs in the areas of product development and optimisation of production processes.”


Integral development of industrial equipment: mechanical, electronic and software design


Optimisation of industrial processes: projects, consultancy and installations


INSPECTRA: our brand of machine vision quality inspection equipment

Commitment, responsibility and adaptation
360º integral vision of the project
Innovation and development of industrial technology projects


Our engineering team uses its extensive knowledge base and advanced technology to grow your business, developing solutions tailored to your needs. We develop industrial equipment to improve processes with the most advanced artificial vision techniques.

We have extensive experience in the sector and in the development of technological projects and industrialisation. We are flexible and try to adapt as much as possible to the needs of our customers.


We are a multidisciplinary engineering team and we work with different technologies depending on the type of project. The technology must be applied judiciously, knowing its limitations and controlling the associated costs so that the project is viable with a reasonable return on investment.


We know the industrial sector well. Our training and experience have always been developed in this field within different productive and technological sectors. The so-called Industry 4.0 is revolutionising products and processes by incorporating new technological advances.


Innovation is nowadays a present necessity and a condition of survival for industrial companies. The technological updating of products and processes has never been so fast. Our team can accompany you on this path and help you apply for different sources of funding for this purpose.


As a multidisciplinary engineering company, we have a global vision of the project, effectively managing its time, cost and scope restrictions. We see innovation and excellence in the provision of services as the most powerful tools to provide value and growth together with our partners and clients.

We are located in Zaragoza. We develop projects throughout Spain and have international collaborators.


Tell us what problem you need to solve and our technical team will contact you as soon as possible to offer you the most appropriate solution.