CHP® Inspection using hyperspectral vision and chemical imaging


What is CHP® technology?

CHP®  (CHemical image Processing) consist in our hyperspectral vision technology, a technique that combines computer vision with infrared spectroscopy to create chemical images from the hypercubes captured by the equipment.

The chemical image consists of an RGB image in which we have assigned color tones to the spectral signature of each voxel (hypercube pixel), which are usually related to the chemical nature of the product captured in the hyperspectral image, hence the chemical image name.

Using our interpretation software, we can create models which convert the spectral data into RGB images, in which green tones are usually assigned to the products we want to classify and red tones to contaminants or foreign bodies.

Our technology allows the creation of several chemical images in parallel, so that from the same hypercube, several models can be created to extract various qualitative parameters of the inspected product.

Chemical imaging solves complex detections for conventional artificial vision by detecting what is not visible to the human eye, decomposing light into multiple frequency spectrums.

Once the chemical images are created, they can be processed by our powerful HSP® high-speed artificial vision technology or by our Easy AI® artificial intelligence technology.

Our advanced equipments incorporates this technology for the following applications in the food sector:

  • Detection of non-visible contaminants
  • Classification of products by spectral signature
  • Detection of welding failures in containers (trapping of liquids, fats and other defects in the welding area not visible for conventional systems, welding failures through opaque or polychrome films)

INSPECTRA CHP ®: Chemical Image Processing

Hyperspectral cameras can reveal much more than conventional cameras or hand-held spectrometers.

Integrating hyperspectral vision equipment into quality control and classification processes improves capacity in product inspection and process analysis.

These equipment, combined with the chemical image composition software developed by INSPECTRA, allow automatic quality control tasks to be carried out at 100% of production in line with the process.

Our equipment combines different vision technologies allowing us to automate the following inspection and classification tasks:

  • Detection of surface contamination by foreign bodies (metal, plastic, bone, wood, parasites…)
  • Classification based on quality parameters: those that can be detected by comparison of spectral signature (humidity, chemical composition,…)
  • Detection of processing defects, presence of unwanted product (bones, stems, branches, peels,…)

Our CHP® technology uses NIR/SWIR hyperspectral vision systems in our industrial equipment.

Our THERMOSEAL INSPECTOR ADVANCED and BULK INSPECTOR equipment integrates this technology, with the following characteristics.

  • Pushbroom in multiple frequency bands
  • Hypercube processing and online chemical image generation by assigning color tones according to configurable spectral signature
  • Possibility of generating several chemical images simultaneously
  • Unlimited chemical imaging models on one computer
  • High speed inspection