HSP®: Automatic high-speed machine vision inspection in-line

What is HSP® technology?

HSP® (High Speed image Processing) is the high-speed image capture and processing technology of INSPECTRA, which allows us to offer the fastest online inspection speeds on the market.

Our extensive experience in developing innovative equipment for inspection of the most demanding production processes in the food industry has allowed us to develop and optimize the most advanced processing hardware and software architectures.

The high speeds and performances of our equipment allow us to process and act in very short times with rejection systems.

Our equipment includes:

  • Design of specific software to parallelize computing operations.
  • CPU/GPU usage depending on the type of application with an efficient distribution of processing threads.
  • High-power processing equipment with state-of-the-art hardware.
  • High-capacity data sending protocols, simultaneously receiving the same data processing equipment from different cameras.
  • Appropriate resolution and capture frequency to further accelerate image processing.

We work with high-speed vision systems and high-intensity lighting systems, which allows us to take clear captures in the worst conditions at a high frame rate.

Our vision systems incorporate:

  • Latest linear or matrix technology
  • High speed capture
    • Linear: up to 16K and 300kHz
    • Matrix: up to 21 MPix and 400 fps
  • High intensity lighting systems in the  visible or infrared light spectrum