Bulk Inspector

Machine vision equipment for bulk product inspection


Bulk Inspector analyses any type of raw product, being suitable for all types of products.  It is a quality inspection equipment designed to verify the correct chemical composition of the products by means of hyperspectral vision and chemical images.

The equipment is also capable of checking the presence of any surface chemical compound, being able to classify the product typology according to its chemical composition and detect contamination. The equipment incorporates a patented lighting system that allows the capture of linear hyperspectral images at high speed.

What are the advantages?

Detection of defects so far invisible to vision systems

Classification according to surface chemical composition

Quality classification by chemical image processing

Adaptable to any production plant

Great versatility in the typology of products analyzed


The equipment composes chemical images based on hyperspectral imaging in different bands of the infrared spectrum.

Bulk Inspector has extensive image processing capabilities that allow chemical composition analysis by in-line mass spectrometry.

  • High-speed hyperspectral image capture and processing
  • Parallel generation of different chemical images
  • Classification of products and detection of quality defects by chemical composition
  • Detection of invisible foreign bodies




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