Slice Inspector

Machine vision equipment for inspection of sliced products

Slice Inspector analyses any sliced food product, such as Serrano ham, York ham, sausages, cured meats, bacon, cheese, etc.

It is a quality inspection equipment designed to detect defects or anomalies in the slices. This inspection is carried out during the slicing process with the product normally frozen, before packaging. INSPECTRA’s patented high speed technology allows 100% inspection of the sliced product, having total control of the production and allowing the rejection of defective groups of slices.

The equipment analyses and detects defects in the slices (excess fat, oxidation, mould stains, contamination, etc.) and sends a signal to the rejection system, for the separation of the defective clusters on a separate belt. In addition, it is capable of providing an analysis with ratios of different parameters related to the quality of the product.

Slice Inspector is a custom configured equipment for each customer and product. It can be integrated into any model of commercial slicer, and has advanced image processing software that allows images to be analysed at very high speed, extracting quality parameters according to the inspection needs and quality criteria established by each customer.

In addition, the equipment displays quality and production indicators in real time, sending reports and alarms automatically.

What are the advantages?

100% inspection of the slices, detecting defects after cutting and before stacking

Modular equipment with the possibility of adapting to customer needs

Suitable for any type of sliced food product

Can be integrated with any model of commercial slicer


Slice Inspector has different options depending on the inspection required by the product, as it has the inspection option of slice grouping (Standard), slice by slice inspection (Advanced) or both options, both grouping and slice by slice inspection.


This equipment option performs the inspection of the grouping of slices, detecting curls in bacon, excess fat in ham, out-of-size grouping or broken slices.



This equipment option performs a slice-by-slice inspection of the product, detecting the presence of contamination, excess fat, or oxidation, among others.



  • Inspection of different quality parameters of the sliced product
  • Connection to existing rejection systems in the production line or to a new rejection system, depending on the customer’s requirements
  • Generation of quality indicators for inspected production
  • Production traceability, through images and data
  • Connection of the equipment in remote for visualization of data in real time
  • Simple and ergonomic interface, with the possibility of adapting to customer needs





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