Each customer has specific quality requirements and production characteristics. Therefore, we adapt our equipment to the needs of our customers and the requirements of their production processes.

We adapt the design to the customer’s production line, thus being perfectly compatible with the various elements of the installation already in operation. We also tailor the vision systems for each packaging and product, selecting the most suitable technologies.

Adaptation of equipment to clients

At Inspectra we select the best vision technology for each project and perform initial feasibility tests in our laboratory with the customer’s products.

Our systems are integrated into the production management systems, (batch coding, products, etc) and report in real time the productivity and quality indicators of the production line.

In addition, Inspectra equipment allows the improvement of production processes since it inspects 100% of the food. We work for the continuous improvement of your company, digitizing the production processes and showing indicators in real time.


Adapted design

We carry out the design adapted to the customer’s process line, being able to interact with different elements of the installation already in place (rejection systems, production control, batch identification, …).

The equipment we manufacture is integrated into the different production lines, adapting to any type of conveyor belt. If required, we can supply them with our own belts and rejectors if the project so requires.

Specific software design

Each custom equipment project requires specific image processing software with associated control logic and user interface. We develop customized applications for each product, analyzing with our customers the most appropriate tools and technologies in each case.

The design of the user interface is one of the most important aspects that will impact on the usability of the product. To this end, our design area works in coordination with the customer’s technical departments, which are usually the ones that best know the end user’s needs.