Automatic rejection and sorting systems

INSPECTRA’s in-line rejection and sorting systems are designed to remove defective trays, containers or packages from the production process flow, and are especially oriented towards the food and pharmaceutical industry. They are adapted to the production process of each client according to the type of product and packaging.

Our rejection systems offer a high performance due to their fast response times and efficiency, and are equipped with additional sensors that detect aspects such as the filling of the collection compartment, product trapping or upstream communication with other machinery in the process.

What are the advantages?

Great adaptability to any production line

Direct connection with INSPECTRA inspection equipment

Fast response times and efficiency

Hygienic design

In addition, INSPECTRA offers a wide range of conveying systems, manufactured with high quality materials and complying with the most demanding safety standards and quality controls in force. We adapt our conveyor systems to the rejection system of the equipment and to the production needs of our clients.


INSPECTRA conveyor belts are suitable for any production line of any type of industry and product. We guarantee tailor-made solutions totally personalised for each production process according to the needs required.

For the election of the most suitable rejection system, our technical service will advise you with the best solution adapted to your production process needs.

From INSPECTRA we offer you different solutions of rejection:

  • Rejection system by trap door
  • Pneumatic Blowout Rejection System
  • Rejection blades system

Rejection technologies