Solutions through vision technology

We design and manufacture artificial vision machines tailored to the quality processes of our customers, we select the most appropriate vision technology for each project, carrying out initial feasibility tests in our laboratory. Our equipment is integrated into the production management systems, reporting in real time the productivity and quality indicators of the production line, providing the following benefits:

  • We avoid quality issues in the products: We inspect 100% of the production, which allows us to avoid quality issues in the products that in many occasions produce the rejection of a batch of products, avoiding the over costs of destruction, replacement and transport of the defective items.

  • We automate quality control: We reduce the cost of labour required to perform quality control tasks, and eliminate subjectivity in the inspection criteria. In addition, our technology allows us to detect defects that until now were impossible to detect by the human eye.

  • We digitize quality and production data: Our equipment captures data from all production, which allows us to obtain information on the quality of the data that allows us to establish objective evaluation criteria for raw material suppliers, and also allows us to improve processes based on the analysis of production data.


High-speed vision

We integrate high-speed cameras into our inspection equipment, allowing us to monitor processes that occur at a very high speed, such as slicing. Our equipment processes all these images through our patented technology, using software programmed and optimized to run on powerful computer systems, allowing for real-time decision making in line with production processes.

Vision through Artificial Intelligence by Deep Learning

We apply Deep Learning technology in our equipment, which is one of the fundamental bases of Artificial Intelligence. This technology is characterised by processing information through different convolutional neural networks trained according to each process. Deep Learning technology allows the system to be able to learn by itself, without the need for additional programming, through a previous training phase by means of image labelling, allowing automated decision-making in real time.

Hyperspectral and monospectral vision

Hyperspectral imaging technology allows visualisation of product quality in the NIR and SWIR spectrum, while monospectral imaging technology uses a single wavelength of light in the visible or near-infrared range. We perform non-destructive analysis by processing chemical images in real time. Our equipment composes several chemical image models simultaneously and processes them with a patented technology, allowing us to analyse product qualities online and classify them based on quality criteria.

High performance vision in the visible range

Our advanced image processing algorithms allow us to push inspection performance to the limit using inspection technology in the visible RGB/Monochrome range. Their integration in our inspection equipment allows us to obtain very tight costs and high performance, efficiently solving a large part of the inspection needs of food production lines.

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