Easy AI®: Quick implementation of inspection programs through artificial intelligence

Deep Learning is one of the branches of artificial intelligence that is increasingly present in automated manufacturing processes.

AI-based computer vision offers a multitude of solutions to easily solve the most complex vision and classification challenges.

This technique manages to analyze images in a way very similar to that of a human being by training convolutional neural networks, an image segmentation system that quickly adapts to new samples without the need to reprogram algorithms, simply by retraining the system. Among the most notable uses of Deep Learning are:

  • Product classification and identification
  • Product quality verification
  • Locating, counting and checking the correct placement of features, parts and products in their assembly
  • Reading alphanumeric characters on complex surfaces such as transparent films with variable backgrounds, printing errors or lack of flatness.

Easy AI ® technology

INSPECTRA offers optional image processing using artificial intelligence across its entire range of equipment. To facilitate the creation of inspection programs with AI, we have a set of tools that give customers autonomy when creating new inspection programs and putting them into production.


INSPECTRA equipment allows you to record the set of images necessary for training neural networks using the following tools:

  • (ISS) Inspectra Scheduler System: ISS application operating interface allows the option of saving 100% of images in different directories for classification during capture.
  • (IPB) Inspectra Production browser: IPB allows the copy of images from the equipment to the training PC, being able to save them individually or in batches in different directories.
  • Labeling Software: We also have different work tools for labeling images, so that batches of images can be reviewed and labeled easily in a very short time.


INSPECTRA provides, together with its equipment, an artificial intelligence tool for training and validating the learning of neural networks.

Our DEEP LEARNING software allows anyone with basic computer skills to train neural networks.

The software has the following functionalities:


  • Intuitive, easy-to-use user interface
  • Image bank increase through image pre-processing
  • Selection of pre-trained neural networks of different complexity and number of layers
  • Quick workouts
  • Unlimited learning.
  • Visualization of results with heat maps to validate neural networks
  • Automatic generation of results reports


INSPECTRA equipment allows the rapid start-up of a neural network, allowing the start-up of new inspection programs in a few hours, providing the following advantages:

  • Loading new trained networks in two steps (copy and click)
  • Processed in REAL TIME LOCALLY without the need for a cloud connection
  • Full control over your own data, it is not shared with external servers
  • No inference/training costs or annual license
  • Supervision of production operation using INSPECTRA PRODUCTION BROWSER software