Label Checker, INSPECTRA's label inspection software, is updated to version 1.7

Create a new inspection program in less than 5 minutes

LABEL CHECKER is the label inspection program configuration application for INSPECTRA equipment.

The software brings together flexibility, power, ease of use, thanks to its simple and intuitive interface.

The software allows you to check the presence of the label, its position and content, detecting most errors in product labeling, verifying alphanumeric strings, barcodes, printing colors, image patterns (logos, brands, film displacement , …).

This advanced label inspection software using vision and artificial intelligence allows you to quickly and easily configure inspection programs, so that in less than 5 minutes a new program can be generated in the event of a change in labeling or printing on the film and move it to production.


Programming is carried out directly on the INSPECTRA machines, without the need to install any specific application or maintain any additional system, which makes programming and start-up in production immediate.


The software can be used with THERMOSEAL-LABEL INSPECTOR or AI-SORTER equipment, allowing the high power of quality inspection to be combined with advanced label inspection technology in the same equipment.

Unlimited connectivity

The software has recently been updated to version 1.7, incorporating new functionalities. Its interface has been remodeled to facilitate the loading and creation of inspection programs, expanding the adjustment parameters to allow greater efficiency in the detection of texts and codes.


Another of its advantages is that it allows the comparison data of the inspection programs to be communicated with other client systems, since it has the possibility of communication through different protocols with labeling machines and ERPs.


In addition, INSPECTRA equipment allows connectivity through IOT protocols, reporting in real time the status of the inspection, the number of products detected as defective versus the number of products analyzed, as well as a report on the operating status of the equipment.

What can we do with LABEL CHECKER?

LABEL CHECKER has a wide range of functionalities that allow you to program the automatic detection of common quality errors in the product labeling process.


The software has many pre-trained fonts that are widely used in the industry (matrix fonts, semi-fonts, industrial fonts, handwritten fonts, etc.), so that the software achieves excellent recognition rates in the most difficult conditions (curved surfaces, crossed out characters, prints with lack of ink, …).

Another characteristic aspect of the OCR function is the segmentation of characters from the image background, since the integrated blob analysis tools and image filtering techniques allow the software to isolate and extract characters independently of the background color in a highly effective, resulting in the most accurate character classification on the market with read rates of less than 0.1 ms per character.


Deep OCR can detect and recognize text on most labels used in the industry, under the most difficult conditions, and also allows you to train the recognition model to read a special alphabet or font not integrated into the software, increasing performance by all means. the inspection power of artificial intelligence, allowing us to adapt to the inspection that each client needs.

code reader

The software allows reading of all types of codes regardless of orientation, even with an element width less than 1 pixel (sub-pixel) or if the code is partially occluded.

The software reads barcodes even in the event of blur, as well as in highly overexposed images in which the code bars appear extremely narrow, being able to read individual bars that are only five percent of their original width due to the overexposure. 

Additionally, the software also reliably identifies barcodes with up to 95% “print swell” (print swell occurs when bars become wider during printing because excess ink was used).

The application also reads Data Matrix ECC 200, QR, Micro QR, Aztec, DotCode and PDF417 codes of any size with modules smaller than 2×2 pixels. We can also read data codes with a distorted finder pattern. Our software also verifies the quality of barcodes and data codes according to ISO/IEC 15416 standards.

The software allows the comparison of results using regular expressions, which can be dynamically updated by querying an external system (labelling machine, ERP,…).

colour check

The application allows you to enter regions where you can compare the color tone with a pattern.

This function allows you to detect the presence or absence of certain tones in the labeling and verify if the preprint is correct, since sometimes when a product is changed, if the labeling reel is not changed properly, labeling may occur. incorrectly all products until their detection.

This function allows you to enter grid segmentation parameters of the region to improve detection accuracy, as well as configure the maximum allowable color deviation.

pattern check

The application allows you to search for shape patterns to recognize the absence or presence of shapes.

This function allows you to detect the presence or absence of stickers and verify if the preprint is correct, looking for patterns that are not readable by the OCR function (for example the presence of a certain stamp, or a logo).

It also allows you to enter search parameters by angle to determine if a sticker is in a specific position and orientation within the product packaging.

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