Software Solutions

INSPECTRA equipment software solutions


Visualisation and analysis application

Inspectra Production Browser is a stand-alone application that allows remote consultation of the data captured by INSPECTRA equipment.

Analysis of sausage packaging

Analysis of diced ham

The software facilitates the consultation of the production and quality data history of the different product batches, providing information to determine the operational performance of the production line.

The stored images are time-logged, and indicate the reasons why the product was rejected, as well as the location of the defect, allowing quality faults to be traced.

The software allows different filters to be applied, such as date or type of defect, to facilitate and simplify image searches, and to be able to export them for subsequent analysis. It also displays graphics of production yield and quality of the production batch.

The example shows the application in Thermoseal Inspector for two different types of products: sausage packaging, where high resolution RGB vision technology is used, and ham taquitos packaging, where hyperspectral vision technology is used for the analysis of the ham taquitos.


Core Software

ISS is the operating software for all INSPECTRA devices. It has different functionalities that are visualised in the corresponding sections of the programme.

ISS del equipo Slice Inspector

ISS del equipo Thermoseal Inspector

Control panel: Allows the operation of the equipment to be displayed, showing productivity and quality indicators for the batch in progress. It shows the image of the last rejection and the reason for it, as well as statistics on the number of rejections for each defect inspected.

History: In this section, all the production batches stored in the equipment can be consulted, with a summary of their inspection parameters and results. The final rejection rate is also displayed and the history of stored images can be consulted. The programmes are sorted in the history in ascending order, from the oldest to the newest, and allows quick retrieval of productivity data.

Programmes: In this section, the different quality inspection programmes are configured for each type of product. On the one hand, the product quality requirements are established for the product to be accepted or rejected, and on the other hand, production and quality reference indicators are established to determine alarm situations. In addition, additional equipment inspections are configured (chemical image models to be used, label inspection programmes, etc.)

Configuration: Here all the operating settings of the equipment are established, facilitating the diagnosis of the different components during installation and maintenance actions, also storing operating data. Access is password-protected, with only maintenance personnel having access.


Aplicación de chequeo de etiquetas

Inspectra Label Checker is the in-production label checking application for any packaging inspected by INSPECTRA equipment.

New label creation process

Packaging types and labelling

The application combines flexibility, power and ease of use thanks to its simple and ergonomic interface. Up to 100 different label models can be configured with this advanced checking application.

Another of its advantages is that it allows INSPECTRA equipment to communicate with the customer’s ERP to verify the results of the inspection.

Alphanumeric text strings, barcodes, QR, etc. can be checked. It also verifies image patterns (logos, marks, label location and film displacement).

The application implements OCR/Deep OCR for character recognition, Bar Code for barcode recognition, Colour Check for colour recognition and Shape Matching for shape recognition.