Vision Solutions

Vision applications and projects

Verification of printed labels and codes

Verification of printed labels and codes 

• Barcodes
• QR codes
• Datamatrix codes
• Alphanumeric character verification (presence and legibility) 

360º inspection system for bottles and containers

This system allows us to capture the entire contour of the product even if we do not know the position in which it arrives, completely reading the label in order to verify printed codes, read barcodes, OCR, and even inspect the positioning of the label on the container. The software performs a process to correct perspectives and present a single unified image of the entire contour, which simplifies subsequent verification and quality control processes.

Real-time product inspection

Quality control of canned food

The inspection of canned food cans is very important, as any change in the internal atmosphere can put the whole product at risk. By means of vision systems it is possible to check different aspects, such as the contour, stains, scratches and above all the sealing of the cans.

Product sorting by size and colour

With machine vision systems it is possible to sort all kinds of products directly on the conveyor belt. Sorting can be done by size, colour and format, and it is even possible to check for foreign objects such as stones, leaves or other mixed products.

Product inspection by deep learning

Automatic inspection of packaged products in real time

Defects such as scratches, cracks, discolouration or scorch marks are small changes in the appearance of a product, which can indicate defects, eventually rendering it unusable. The defects that can occur in products are usually random, so vision systems look for changes in patterns, changes in colour or texture, etc.

Automatic inspection of sushi trays

• Detection of missing product
• Detection of wrong arrangement
• Detection of composition alteration
• Anomaly detection

3D product classification and inspection

Real-time automatic potato grading system by laser profilometry

  • Product identification
  • Sorting by sizing
  • Dynamic and accurate weight measurement
  • Defect detection

Automatic inspection system for heat-sealed lids on yoghurt packages

  • Product identification
  • Sorting by sizing
  • Dynamic and accurate weight measurement
  • Defect detection