Animal production applications

prevención de contagios en producción animal

In the field of animal production, it is applied in transit areas where any animal is susceptible to infect any other animal.

For example, in the case of pigs, the measurement of the animals’ temperature is a very effective tool both in highly contagious diseases – African swine fever, classical swine fever or foot and mouth disease – and in ubiquitous infections of the pig farming industry – actinobacillosis, porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome, or circovirosis. All these diseases have in common febrile states that tend to weaken the animal and slow down its movements or even immobilize it. Isolating the animal from the rest early means avoiding contagion in the rest of the farm.

Rising temperatures are one of the first signs of illness. Therefore, systems that help us detect fever quickly will help us to treat infections in our animals early. Early treatment is essential to ensure success and will also save on antibiotics, as animals treated late need longer treatments and will often suffer from chronic problems.

Thermography systems

Inspectra develops highly accurate real-time temperature measurement solutions in the infrared light spectrum, using continuous blackbody calibration methods, which it combines with face detection methods to verify body temperature with high real-time accuracy.

control temperatura termocanal