Machine vision equipment for the inspection of heat-sealed packages

Thermoseal Inspector analyses any type of packaged product, with application in the food or pharmaceutical industry.

It is a quality inspection equipment designed to verify the integrity of the thermosealing area. Depending on its configuration, it is equally capable of analysing deviations in product quality inside the package, or also detecting contamination and foreign bodies. It works with any type of container in which its airtightness is achieved by means of two heat-sealed films, in order to prevent the deterioration of the product.

The equipment allows quality problems to be detected both in the package itself and in the packaged product. It incorporates a text and code reading function, allowing complete traceability of the inspected packages.

Thermoseal Inspector is custom configured for each application and for each client. Depending on the inspection needs, it can incorporate artificial vision technologies by SWIR hyperspectral image, by NIR image or by high resolution RGB image within the visible light spectrum.

In addition, the equipment shows real time indicators of quality and productivity, sending reports and quality alarms.

What are the advantages?

Inspection of the welding area and the inside of the package within the visible range, NIR and SWIR

Inspection of the top and bottom of the packages

Suitable for a large number of products and packaging

Modular equipment adapted to product and customer needs

Compatible with different product rejection systems


  • Detection of contamination or defects in the welding area of the heat seal
  • Quality inspection of the packaged product: contamination, quality parameters, incorrectly positioned product, etc.

  • Reading of texts and bar codes on the package

  • Generation of quality indicators for inspected production
  • Production traceability, through images and data

  • Connection of the equipment in remote for visualization of data in real time

  • Easy connection with rejection modules of different technologies

  • Simple and ergonomic interface, with the possibility of adapting to customer needs