Machine vision equipment for the inspection of heat-sealed packages

thermoseal inspector

Thermoseal Inspector analyses any type of packaged product, being suitable for food and pharmaceutical products. It is a quality inspection equipment designed to verify the integrity of the thermosealing area of the packages by means of hyperspectral vision and chemical image.

The equipment is also capable of checking the presence of any surface chemical compound, being able to classify the quality of the packaged product or detect contamination inside the container and foreign bodies. The equipment also incorporates a set of cameras that allow the reading of printed codes or labels and detect defects in the film of the package.

What are the advantages?

Detection of defects hitherto invisible to vision systems on welds (grease, interleaver, etc.)

Inspection of the upper and lower surface of containers

Chemical image quality classification

Adaptable to any production plant

Great versatility in the type of products analysed


The equipment is configured with different lighting systems and cameras depending on the packaged food to be analysed.

Thermoseal Inspector allows for extensive performance in terms of parameters analysed in process lines.

  1. Defects in the thermosealing process.
  2. Top print reading on the package.
  3. Detection and reading of top label.
  4. Lower label detection and reading.




Its advanced technology allows processing images not only within the visible range, but also in the SWIR range, by means of hyperspectral vision technology, which represents a technological and performance leap with respect to conventional inspection systems.

The hyperspectral camera verifies the integrity of the thermosealing zone of the packages.

Through this camera the equipment is capable of inspecting the upper and lower face of these containers, obtaining and processing images of both the product and the package itself, even in the case that these films are printed with inks that are opaque to visible light.

The equipment will detect contamination on the heat-sealed welding band of the containers. The contamination detected may be caused by:

  • Lean waste

  • Fat residues, including colourless fragments not detected by conventional vision systems within the visible spectrum

  • Interleaver Invasion

Thermoseal Inspector offers the optional installation of additional cameras in the upper or lower modules, which allows the detection of additional parameters:

  • Upper print reading on the package: the system will detect the print readability of codes on the film, and evaluate them for correctness based on algorithms provided by the customer or by comparison with data sent to the equipment.
  • Detection and reading of top label: it will also detect the presence of top adhesive label, from which the printed text chain will be read and can be compared based on algorithmy provided by the customer or by comparison with data sent to the equipment.
  • Detection of bottom label presence: it will be possible to detect the presence of bottom label.