In-line rejection and sorting systems

INSPECTRA in-line rejection and sorting systems are mainly designed to remove defective trays, packages or containers from the production process flow, especially from the food or pharmaceutical industry. Our systems are adapted to the production process of each client according to the type of product and its packaging.

With these rejection systems a high performance is achieved, given their high precision in rejecting those products that do not meet the quality parameters established in each line of work.

In addition, they allow an increase in performance in the quality control of products without interfering with the production process.

What are the advantages?

Equipment of great adaptability to any production line

Increased productivity in product quality control

The rejection action is performed without interfering with the production line

High precision


These equipments are configured according to the production needs of each client, according to the type of product to be rejected and the production chain.

In INSPECTRA we advise you on which type of rejection system is the most adequate for your company’s production line.

INSPECTRA has several rejection systems:

  • Rejection system by trap door
  • Pneumatic Blowout Rejection System
  • Thrust or impact rejection system
  • Hopper rejection system




The trap door rejection system is an automatic system prepared to separate the products that do not comply with the established parameters, depositing them in a storage drawer without interfering with the production line.

The equipment receives the rejection signal that gives the order to act. Once received, the defective product is detected through the photocell located before the trap door. After detecting that the product does not comply with the established quality parameters, a pneumatic system opens the trap door to expel it from the production line and store it in the drawer together with the rest of the defective products.

This flap mechanism is easily integrated into the line of work, which is an effective quality control system.

The pneumatic blower rejection system is an automatic system prepared to separate defective containers that do not meet the quality requirements established in the production process.

It consists of blowing nozzles, which remove the defective containers through the emission of compressed air. These containers are stored in the storage drawer, with the advantage that the production process is not interrupted.

This pneumatic blowing mechanism is a very versatile rejection system, as it offers different types of blowing nozzles depending on the type of product/package, depending on its weight and dimensions.

The push or impact rejection system hits the containers circulating on a conveyor, causing them to be diverted to another conveyor for defective containers, or to a crate or rejection container.

This impact on the defective product is produced through a mechanism composed of a cylinder, an electrovalve and a shovel, the latter being the ejecting element once the order is received.

This rejection system adapts the impact force according to the weight of the package. In this way, containers with anomalies can be removed from the production process gently and without being damaged.