Automatic sorting equipment in cascade by artificial vision

Clasificación de tacos de jamón en cascada

Free fall sorter analyzes any type of product in cascade, being suitable for large or small food products.  It is a quality inspection equipment designed to verify the presence of foreign bodies and quality problems in products.

The equipment vibrates the food and deposits it in single coat layers, classifying the product in the cascade in two different lines according to the established quality criteria. The equipment can incorporate vision cameras in the visible light spectrum or hyperspectral cameras, being able to detect contamination that is visually confused with the product.

What are the advantages?

Modular and expandable structure

Detection of defects previously invisible to conventional vision systems

Adaptable to any production plant

Great versatility in the typology of products analyzed


The equipment is configured with different lighting systems and cameras depending on the food to be analyzed and the speed of the process.

Free fall sorter has three different methods of product separation, detecting the following quality defects.

  • Detection of shape defects in the product
  • Detection of tone defects
  • Presence of camouflaged foreign bodies
  • In-line spectrometry analysis




Free fall sorter can incorporate different sorting systems depending on the characteristics of the production process

  • Pneumatic blow sorting: the system activates a series of pneumatic blow valves that divert the product to a secondary line

  • Sorting by flaps: when the product is very heavy, the blow valves are replaced by a series of blades that act pneumatically

  • Interim hopper sorting: Depending on processing times, an interim hopper rejection system may be required, so that batches of product are rejected.

  • Manual Sorting: In some processes it may be more interesting to perform manual sorting, so that an operator is warned of a quality fault and proceeds to remove it manually.

Free fall sorter incorporates two linear cameras on both sides of the waterfall, which allows to detect parameters by color:

  • Shape defect detection: the system recognizes the shape of the products, and in case of detecting a shape outside the quality parameters (a deteriorated product, or a product of larger or smaller size than expected, a foreign body with a different shape than the product) it activates the sorting system.

  • Detection of tone defects: the system recognizes the shape of the products, and if it detects a medium tone outside the quality parameters (a defective product or a foreign body with a different tone to the product) it activates the classification system.

Free fall sorter can optionally incorporate hyperspectral cameras on both sides of the waterfall, allowing the detection of parameters by chemical image.

Our technology allows processing images not only within the visible range, but also in the NIR/SWIR range, using hyperspectral vision technology, detecting the following defects.

  • Presence of camouflaged foreign bodies: the system recognizes the chemical composition of the products, and if it detects a chemical composition different from the expected one, it activates the classification system.

  • In-line spectrometry analysis: the system analyses the chemical composition of the products, being able to measure and quantify different quality parameters on-line, (percentage of lean/fat, degree of maturity in vegetables/percentage of humidity), the system allows the classification of the products in different lines according to these parameters.