Thermal Inspector

Thermographic inspection equipment for fever detection

camara fever inspector

Thermal inspector is a high-precision infrared light spectrum temperature measurement system designed to check people’s body temperature in real time. The equipment consists of a passage arch where two cameras are installed, one digital 3D and the other thermographic.

To achieve high precision, the system is complemented by a black body calibrated to a reference temperature that allows to achieve precision in temperature measurement. The system has temperature control and facial recognition software, providing agile and precise detection. The equipment complies with the requirements indicated in the ISO 13154 standard.

What are the advantages?

Additional identity check + access hours

Flexibility in system integration to access control

Maximum precision of +/-0.3ºC

Equipment design


THERMAL INSPECTOR is designed to have a high degree of flexibility when integrating into any access control, being able to act on alarms or turnstiles.

The user interface is shown on a screen, and allows the equipment and the parameterization of the face detection and temperature programs to be easily visualized. The system records the face recognition and temperature data, and allows the search for attendances and events.

As for the interface application and its configuration, the equipment is intuitive and easy to use. It complies with all security standards and can be easily integrated into any access control system.


It is primarily designed for operator access control in companies, but its system is applicable to any access control system that has a guard to control entry according to the data reported by the Thermal Inspector system.









THERMAL INSPECTOR analyzes any type of captured image and processes it through an artificial intelligence neural network, identifying faces, presence of masks in an obfuscated database in compliance with the LOPD that can be consulted at any time.

The system issues a warning in case it detects that a user may have been in contact with another infected user.




The system has a high precision thermographic camera (+/-0, 3º) and an effective resolution of 384 (H) x 288 (V). It has a temperature alarm system, on fixed temperature the system reports the data by temperature difference, warning if the user complies or not with the established temperature to proceed to the entrance of the establishment.

To achieve high accuracy, the system is complemented by a black body that serves as a measurement standard for the thermographic camera, allowing continuous calibration.

In addition, the response time is ≤1s and has a measurement temperature range of -30 °C ~ 60 °C (-22°F ~ 140°F).

The correct way to take the temperature measurement is to stand in front of the camera in a static position and stare at the lens for a few seconds without glasses (following the instructions on the display).

In addition to the thermographic camera, the system is also complemented by a 3D visualization camera with facial recognition that allows users to be identified and prevents fraud.

Additionally, the identity of the operator and the access hours to the production plants can be checked.

The system also detects the presence of glasses, with a warning to remove them to ensure correct temperature measurement, and also detects the absence of masks in case it is mandatory in that establishment.