Industrial conveyors for different types of products

In INSPECTRA we offer a wide range of transport systems for the food industry, manufactured with high quality materials and complying with the most demanding safety standards and quality controls in force. We adapt our transport systems according to the production needs of our clients.

INSPECTRA conveyor belts are suitable for any production line of any industry model and product. We guarantee totally customized solutions for each production process according to the needs it requires.

What are the advantages?

High resistance to chemical components

Frequency inverter

Different types of conveyor surface

High impact and weight resistance


In INSPECTRA we advise you on which type of transport equipment is the most adequate for your company, depending on the characteristics of the production line, as well as the characteristics of the product to be transported in question.

INSPECTRA has diverse transportation equipment:

  • Belt conveyors
  • Screw/Channel Conveyors
  • Pneumatic/vacuum conveyors
  • Spiral conveyors